Water Coming Out Of Spark Plug Hole Outboard

Water Coming Out Of Spark Plug Hole OutboardUnclasp the top engine cowl case. A loose spark plug, especially one that is held in above with an ignition coil can vibrate and damage aluminum threads. I'm the second owner of this motor. Water comes out of spark plugs on my 50 hp mercury outboard any ideas - Answered by a verified Marine Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Spray the wet areas wet WD40, . Add a fresh set of spark plugs, change the oil and filter on a four-stroke, then add gas and get the engine started. Water Coming Out of a Spark Plug Hole Black Specks, Crud, and Slime in the Cylinder Idle Runs Too Slow or Rough Holes In the Head Gasket 1. Weather your trailer it or keep it on a lift. Keep the upper plugs out during this time. Take your plugs off and crank the engine until you don't get anymore water shooting out of the . Inboard or outboard motors? Is it seawater or fresh water that is leaking out? Inboard, check for stuffing box wear and engine/exhaust cooling raw water plumbing leak. So I assume the plugging up the two drain holes in the cowl lip may have fixed the problem. The previous owner ran the motor approximately 4 months ago and the motor ran great. ) and the engine has fired up fine however, there is only a small smattering of water not even. I have had the power head off and replaced this gasket. Re: I got water coming out of my spark plug holes!!! You need to get to the store NOW and buy some fogging oil; spray it in AFTER cranking the motor over without the plug in and get as much water out of it as possible. G’day Jacob, the plate between the engine block and the leg has what’s called a sandwich plate which houses the water pump “pick up tube” they are well known for corroding and very little water will reach the powerhead, the thermostat location is at the top of the head above the spark plugs!. If water is only misting/spitting out of your back port. Take a thin piece of wire and run it through the output. When it is repair the gasket is brittle and blows out thus leaking around spark plugs (usually #1 or #2) To repair this you will need to remove the water jacket cover and replace gasket. I didn't want to use the ear muffs and start the motor every time i come back from fishing especially at night. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. Your one plug was dry because it's getting steamed cleaned by this water vapor and extra heat, the piston is probably all clean too. I have at 1997 with 787 motor when i hook up the water hose water gushes out of the spark plug holes any ideas thanks. When the engine is cranked, there should be a blue spark at the tip of the plug. Long story short, I removed the spark plugs and found water coming out of one of the spark plug connection holes. Spark Plug Tube Seals On Cylinder Head. through the spark plug terminal at the outer end of the plug, as shown in Figure 5. Ground the coil high-tension wire, then crank the engine over to purge any water out of the cylinders. Now that the water supply is hooked up, you can safely start your outboard engine. Check for possible water in oil, also remove radiator cap and start engine does water want to pump out of radiator, is there white smoke coming out of tail pipe, if yes to any of those blown head gasket, if not sure yet remove spark plugs crank engine over is there any coolant coming out of spark plug holes, if yes blown head gasket, and last. 1) Place the outboard in an area with good drainage. Check the spark plugs' gaps with a gap gauge, and clean them with a wire brush. I've heard of this happening when the engine gets a little too warm usually caused by an impeller . I need to know what else to check to diagnose this problem. The wet part typically is caused by the fuel in the chamber. However I recently noticed oil residue coming from each of the 4 spark plug holes. Mercury 50hp 2-stroke outboard is overheating [ 2 Answers ] I have a 2000 Mercury 50horsepower 2-stroke outboard engine. Lower rpm is used because high speed jets are not adjustable. The spark plugs are located in the front upper half of the motor (4 of them). Signs of a Bad Outboard Fuel Pump & How to Troubleshoot. Search: Mercury Outboard Water Pump Replacement Video. Because if the spark plug is damaged, the engine oil might. Unless there is a partial obstruction somewhere. If your tell-tale was weak (impeller worn and weak), then you would have less water going through the by-pass to the exhaust. As for the stator windings, there only needs to be one very small break in the windings to give the problem - OB warms up , stator winding "break" opens up = no spark. Locate the water inlet vents on the outboard motor. 2005 Yamaha F225TXRD Water on spark plug. When you have a wet spark plugs you can have a blown head gasket I found this out from a video on YouTube and it was the head gasket the radiator fluid is slightly seeping into the engine oil that's why the car is not overheating you can fix this problem with Blue Devil head gasket sealer just read the directions and that's the reason why you're getting white smoke from the exhaust and that's. Put in a new plug and go for a bit of a motor about using at least half throttle. What is causing the water to leak out, and it is an expensive rep 1991 Mariner 40 hp -Water leaking from top spark plug! Motor runs great, but can be a bit tough to start, even when it has been recently run. I recently noticed a dribble of (water/coolant?) down the right front side of my engine. I had a 2000 Grand Marquis, among others. It actually would do less damage if it were allowed to back on out without being held by the coil. What Kind of Spark Plug Do I Need?. I know not to turn the water on without the engine running and to shut the water off before the engine, and to thrust the throttle it a few times without the water on to get water out. This is on my 1998 sea ray with a merc 125. Leave the plugs in so water does not get into the engine. It's a common problem and usually shows up after replacing the impeller. You'll have to remove the jacket, be careful some bolts will want to . What could cause this? Head gasket go bad while sitting or something more complicated. Help - D2 V8 water coming out of spark plug hole Hi all, My 02 Disc V8 had an overheating misfortune, so I replaced the thermostat and hoses, but kept over heating, so I pulled the heads of and had them resurfaced ( which the cylinder head guy said had no cracking) and also fitted a new radiator,. 2) Connect garden hose to flushing port. I don't see water coming out of the sides of the head cover. Buy a spark plug tester and check for a spark. The telltale pushes water out with high amounts of pressure. It's not that difficult to isolate the source. Last night, I removed all of the spark plug wires/boots, cleaned the area of excessive rust (yeah, I knowingly poured water back. And it runs fine, beautifully in fact, but. Use a socket to remove the single or multiple spark plugs on your engine. #1 '98 115hp 2stroke Oil leak from spark plugs 04-10-2016, 01:41 PM 1998 115hp 2 stroke oil injected Bought this engine a few months ago, runs great and is in incredible condition for its age. Idled it for about ten minutes and found no water. Water is forcing its way between the spark plug threads and the motor housing. It will help you understand, care for, and lower the repair and maintenance cost for your Suzuki Outboard Engine (motor) for a overall improved satisfaction with your ownership. Try running a piece of heavy weed whipper line up the pee stream tube with the engine running. Some water does come out the outlet tube, but not as much as used to when it was new. If you paid somebody else to build it gear . So a loose spark plug is the most common cause of a spark plug blowout. When you pull the cooling cover off, you will see a big square o-ring and a small round o-ring just around the spark plug. That much water pouring out at idle indicates the thermostat or poppet valve is stuck open. But besides that, you’ve probably got bigger problems, because water shouldn’t ever get to the business end of your spark plugs — the end inside the combustion chamber. Perform an outboard fuel pump test by removing the spark plug wire boot from the spark plug. Usually the leak is right next to the spark plug hole because this is the hottest part of the panel and thermal loads of movement are the greatest in this area. They are plain and basic but effortless and efficient. 2: Water on a plug doesn't instantly mean a blown head gasket or cracked block. Water-jacket flush adapter Here the flusher in use verifying water to the tell tale hole. Also, take a look at the gaskets on the oil plugs. Prob they are there to avoid backpressure. When I changed the thermostat it now comes out as it should. Around the spark plug holes, there are O-rings, which can be external or integrated with the valve cover gasket. If this happens again, before I dry out the plug . The amount of ozone created is very small and it usually has no trouble getting out past even a tight fitting rubber cap, but if the spark plug cap, or boot, is retained by a tie strap or a clamp, then trouble is not far. when it stops coming out spray via an oil gun some enigne oil into the exhaust port on the valve and inside the plug hole and crank again to lubricate the parts. If it is backwards, the vacuum in the carb will suck gas up after a number of pulls and begin running. I am willing to bet the water is seeping from between the seal between those two pieces. Except there was no water streaming out of the pee. You can also tell if the head gasket, or exhaust gasket is leaking by removing the spark plugs, and if one of them is leaking, water will come out of the plug holes. I even got it to stop leaking/dribbling gas. Remove the spark plugs and inspect them for signs of water. Other then the very heavy exhaust odor and constant water spitting out of the relief hole, the motor runs good. Motor ran fine after that for the rest of the day. Sometimes weeds and other debris plug the line. Dry out the bilge and keep an eye on it. Search: 2 Stroke Outboard Oil On Spark Plugs. 5 Causes of Oil Leaking Into Spark Plug Wells. It most certainly does have the sparkplugs down deep in wells in the valve covers. I’d recommend getting yourself a spark plug tester. So if your tell tale stops while your out on the water, Don't give up all hope, hollowing out for a tow. When this occurs, the water flow is disrupted, causing trouble to the engine. Water not coming out of pee hole. Look carefully at the electrodes on the plug tips. Good Evening, I have a 2005 Yamaha F225TXRD it started running ruff so I pulled the spark plugs to find water in the cylinder heads on the starboard side (bottom two cylinders). I've heard of this happening when the engine gets a little too warm usually caused by an impeller that no longer provides sufficient volume of water. I turned off the engine and tried blowing through the. High speed can be adjusted with some units having second air flow adjustment using air flow meter to sync. Each spark plug has a spark plug wire connected to it. The tell-tale signs of a blown head gasket are water/coolant getting into the engine oil, making it appear milky, and smoke/steam coming out of the exhaust pipe. The mid-section of an outboard consists of a bracket that houses the power tilt and trim or trim unit, the driveshaft housing, oil pan on 4-strokes, the water tube, and the exhaust. Check for possible water in oil, also remove radiator cap and start engine does water want to pump out of radiator, is there white smoke coming out of tail pipe, if yes to any of those blown head gasket, if not sure yet remove spark plugs crank engine over is there any coolant coming out of spark plug holes, if yes blown head gasket, and last have a block test any repair shop can do this. pools of water in the holes where the spark plugs live. could be the gasket, but more than likely a cracked head. Advanced Search Water coming out of Spark Plug 04-16-2019, 08:17 PM out of the hole or. Next, lift up the lower unit as much as possible to avoid sucking the oil out. May sure you do not over tighten those spark plugs! If you go just a little too far on that soft aluminum they will strip. 4hp 4 stroke Yamaha Outboard (oil coming out of spark plug hole) 2003 Honda 9. The plug was rusty and was not firing right. Possible Blocked Water Passage on '97 30hp 2 stroke. When the tell tale stops, ” They stop and start checking for possible causes “. If you have water on the inside of your plugs that is coming from your exhaust cover, not through the spark plug threads. On a two-stroke engine, run a rich gas-oil mix used during break-in, which will add more lubrication. 15HP Johnson runs great on muffs / bogs at the lake. In most outboard motors, the water output is a small tube-like structure that can easily get blocked. Re: Water coming out spark plug holes! If you have water on the inside of your plugs that is coming from your exhaust cover, not through the . How to remove water from sparks plug and ignition coil on all cars and trucks. Yes- there is water coming out that tell tale thing. At that point, the impeller pressures the water into the long inlet tube leading to the bottom side of the powerhead. I had one on an older OB fixed it w/ pc 7 worked for a good long time. It is not necessary to run the engine. The water leaks out of the cover that screws on to the head where the spark plug goes into the head. With the majority of outboard motors, there is a water output. Water pump, t-stats and fuel filter were much more affordable and spark plugs were $7 cheaper. Asked by Trishia2 in Pell City, AL on November 21, 2014. Yamaha outboard no water through tell tail. Hereof, can you start an inboard outboard out of water? Turn on the garden hose all the way to confirm that there is a solid flow of water, then turn it off for now. I wasnt able to track the final message, but this weekend, I realized that my outboard (mercury mariner 9. The cooling water for the exaust is blown up the leg by a forward facing pipe behind the prop. By Jim DeWolfe in forum Honda Outboard Forum Replies: 14 Last Post: 10-18-2011, 01:19 PM. 8 2 stroke) was not discharging water out of the pee hole after a 6 month haul out. The water coming in from the exhaust cover gets compressed by your piston, which turns it to gas- this extra Oxygen in your gas/oil mix makes the explosion too hot which will melt your piston(s) crown. Possible blown head gasketsounds like it, remove the spark plugs and do a compression test, sometimes you will find water coming out of the spark plug hole with a blown head gasket, pull the plugs and turn the engine over, with the radiator full of water, if water starts spitting out of any of the spark plug holesit's a cracked head, or. The only place water can get into a sparkplug housing is from inside the cylinder. Also, make sure you choose a good spark plug. Tip: If water should stop flowing from the telltale hole on your outboard, or if the stream becomes weak, carefully check the outlet tubing for obstructions. But if that much water is going through, it shouldn't be hot. Install a new lower unit drain gasket onto your upper screw plug. Granted it might not be the same as 4500 with the backpressure of pushing a boat. Checked it after a few hundred miles as it was starting to run rough again and there is moisture again building up but very slowly. Water coming out of leg exhaust holes. I removed the lower unit-pump housing looks fine. We replaced the head gasket but that didn't fix the issue. If your standing in the boat water is coming from the top right plug only. out of the hole or around the hole? that head has a cover gasket. First thing you should do is make sure your fuel line from tank to motor is NOT backwards. You HAVE to get that water out of there ASAP. There are O-Ring seals at the bottom of the spark plug wells. Step #5: Refill the Lower Unit. This is gas as it has a strong gas smell and when I put a papertowel over the spark plug. It MUST be fixed before you run her or you will need to rebuild her. If the plug ring is wasted, it is a safe bet to guess that the big one is too. 1991 Mariner 40 hp -Water leaking from top spark plug! ADD TO FAV ORTIES 4/18/10 @ 7:38 PM ORIGINAL POST JoeMomma USER SINCE 1/14/10 BLOCK USER I noticed that quite a bit of water is leaking out of the top spark plug while the motor is running. The quad turns over great, and yes has plenty of compression (could tell when emptying the water from the cylinder through the spark plug hole) Im going to try the choke method to find out if there is fuel gettin to the engine, but after that, im out of ideas. The engine then seems to be on its way to over heating and gets very hot, at which point I have stooped it running before I do any real damage to it. I do not believe that the motor over heated when this issue first began. 402 water coming out spark plug hole. I changed the spark plugs at 33k and found water around the spark plug in the #3 cyl. If your gasket comes off of the plug, remaining behind in the hole, it’s time to replace the entire plug. Water was spitting out of a couple places in the lower unit before I started the engine. It could be a failure of the plug but most likely it's caused by a failure in the ignition system. Spark plugs are designed to self-clean. So if your tell tale stops while your out on the water, Don’t give up all hope, hollowing out for a tow. Take the spark plug wire boot off the plug tip. Coolant/water around the spark plug hole. Might as well replae the water pump while your there. If they are worn or frayed, it’s time to replace them. If you have compressed air, blow as much water out of the manifold and spark plug holes, as you can. With your socket wrench, remove the plug. Also, the spark plugs should be replaced at the same time. Water Coming out of Spark Plugs. Use a piece of coat hanger wire to ground the ends of the plug connectors to the engine block. A lot of water is pouring from my exhaust on my 2002 Denali, but without white smoke. If you mean the sparkplug recess where the sparkplug fits down in a depression in the cyl. I have a 2007 DF175 4 stroke that has about 20 original hours. posted 06-19-2007 09:58 PM ET (US) No water came out of the engine pee-hole when I cranked up my outboard last Sunday. Soon, don't let the water etch the cylinder wall. Again, this issue should be repaired as soon as possible. If so the answer is no to water coming out of the holes. Plug is in finger tight plus a bit more for tightness. As for the water in the spark plugs, that is still confusing me because if the valve cover gasket is bad there would just be plain oil in there, no water. I've looked at some old posts and put the thermostat in boiling water and it opened. I notice when I am in the water and start the motor it takes anywhere from 30-45 seconds for water to start coming out the pee hole. Although the leak can sometimes be fixed by tightening the valve cover bolts, more often than not the valve cover gasket and well seals will need to be replaced. It is above the prob, about a 1" hole. Try changing out the valve cover gasket which also replaces the spark plug tube gasket, then wait a week or so and see if anything returns to the spark plug holes. I just bought a new to me 05 F150 with 323 hours on it and it is the first Yamaha outboard I have owned. Any wetness on the electrode that does not smell of gas or oil. HELPP!!!!! I have water in my spark plug cylinders!!! What would be the easiest way to dry it out? I wanted to clean my engine bay. Is the outboard running too rich?. 1954 Gale mfg Hiawatha 3 hp. I do see water coming out of a hole of the lower unit opposite side of the prop. Bought tune up parts cause was in a hurry. The water may in fact be migrating out of the sparkplug hole, but not from "within" the cylinder itself, but instead from the . Hooking up flush muffsno water coming out of discharge. The richer mix will also likely foul your spark plugs, but you’re out to save the motor, not preserve spark plugs. Install new spark plugs and start. Water is seeping from around the treads of the top plug and is not coming out of the weep hole. It looks like a leaking water jacket cover. Attach a compression gauge into the spark plug socket. Use a socket and wrench to remove the spark plug, or multiple spark plug wires from the tops of the spark plugs. Pump until oil begins flowing out of the upper drain hole. Outboard Preventative Maintenance. I've used ring free, SeaFoam and Startron enzyme fuel treatment religiously. Signs of a Bad Outboard Lower Unit & What to Do Next. Adjust vacuum to highest level then turn in lean until vacuum drops a bit. Install a new lower unit drain gasket on your lower screw. After spraying the motor down take it to the lake and get on it and run it for about 30 minutes real good. The water would just spew out of the pee hole like crazy with a bunch of pressure and it comes from the exhaust plate/s. seems the spark has a path to ground that does not include the electrode of. Some mechanics, when finding water on a spark-plug electrode, . Thread the lower unit pump tip into the bottom plug hole. The live well vent holes will be down by your plug. 3 Common Problems With Mercury 4 Stroke Outboard Motor. Problem is after about 10-15 seconds of running great, it died, and I noticed the back spark plug popped out. When I started the engine water still flowed out of the lower unit but no water came out of the water discharge hole which is mounted on the rear of the engine itself about half way up. Approximately 2 to 3 mins after start up water stops coming out of the tell tale hole and exhaust gasses come out. Whatr you need to do is to crank the engine without the spark plugs until all the water gets out of the plug hole. Also know, where should water come out on an outboard motor? Water is drawn into the water pump through the intake opening of the lower unit, where it passes through a cavity that ends up entering the pump itself. mercury outboard thunderbolt 402, My question is It has water coming out of a small hole that was ment to be there twords the back of the engine at the top by the spark source for the plugs. Just had to put on a new head due to stripped spark plug holes. For all of you Mercury Engine guys running Egrets. The motor could well last another 10 or 20 years if you correct the problem - you are liable to kill it in less than a season if you don't. Next, remove the spark plug with a plug socket and wrench. After having pumped out the water from the spark plug wells and re-installing the spark plug boots, the car ran well for the most part, but it started intermittently hesitating and missing again in the next two days. The cover with all the 1/4" bolts and nuts holding it is just that a water jacket cover and in time these tend to corroded and the gaskets fail causing leaks. This engine design places the spark-plugs down inside deep wells in the cylinder heads. I ran the engine on the hose today and looked around for water leaking. Step 2 Turn the engine over several times without ignition. of course you could have a cracked cylinder but lets be positive. NOTE: Always use a glove or a rag to hold the plug to avoid a painful electric shock. I have been testing it in a fresh water plunge pool (approximately 3 feet deep. I did everything the right way versus the OK way from what I can tell, using the coil locating ring and timing tool and reworking the carb settings a bit. If the spark is good, make sure the air gap in between is according to the needed specification. Water coming out of exhaust port on mercury outboard. Re: water coming out of spark plug hole i'm gonna say that the water is leaking from the water jacket cover and being sucked in and pushed out with compression - spark plugs dont seal perfectly and steam could get drawn in there - it is common for these motors to leak around the top plug. I don’t recall ever seeing a 4. And the outboards come with usually a long warranty time. I do a lot of idling, keep in mind. Mercury's is nicknamed the "Black Max. Thermostat Assembly Outboard Thermostat 5005440. Missing items got from Crowley. Repeat this step a couple of times. ways to drain the oil out of a 4-stroke – either through the drain plug on the outdrive, or by inserting a tube into the dipstick hole and pumping the oil out. When a spark plug well fills with oil, it means that the O-ring that seals the well to keep out oil and debris has deteriorated and started to leak. Re: water coming out of spark plug hole This should be an easy fix. When the tell tale stops, " They stop and start checking for possible causes ". Pour methylated spirits into each of the carburettor throats and turn the engine over by hand. I agree with this make sure all the plugs are out or you can bend a rod. Do you mean with spark plugs removed coolant is comming out of the cylinder(s)??. I have replaced the thermostat and water pump. Mercury outboard squealing noise. They'll be much larger in circumference then your plug hole and most likely have a vent looking cover over them. I’m kinda confused because the video on you tube is a motor identical to my own and is listed as a 1954. (This plug was on the point of being thrown away. Last week, someone mentioned that their outboard was not discharching water out of the pee hole. Re: Fuel coming out of spark plug holes. I have no evidence of coolant coming out of the exhaust, my entire issue is. Move this wire around from the opening by taping it to another part or wedging it between components. the plug, and the result is the misfire reports. 9hp outboard 4 stroke, no water coming from discharge hole. dry out the wires with an air gun, or just let dry. Set the outboard engine to an upright position. SOLVED: My spark plugs are wet with gas. I noticed I have water coming out of the pee hole but no water coming out of the thermostat hole below that. As other ConWavers have suggested, before calling a mechanic I removed the engine cowling. Overall, the Honda 4-strokes are a good engine. A gassy damp output would be in line. As of today, I turned the motor on and it ran smoothly. After all of the water is out, WD-40 the spark plug holes. The video shows a hole in the side of the lower unit that spits water out intermittantly. Outboard Exhaust from tell tale hole, help. there is water coming from not only the radiator but also the motor. But if coolant finds its way into the wells, engine misfire is sure to occur and in many cases the coils, there are 8 of them, will be damaged and will need to be replaced at $90 a pop…. You can get covers At a lot of places to cover them up so water does not go in or out of your live wells. Apr 29, 2009 · 2003 Yamaha outboard 2 stroke overheat buzzer on idle, 2003 Yamaha outboard 2 stroke overheat buzzer on idle , flushed and cleaned water jackets and replaced thermostats, water coming out of pee hole. immediately after it is recovered from the water in order to minimize corrosion. Most often fouled spark plugs are noticed when the engine […] One of the most common issues with two cycle outboard motors occurs when the spark plugs become saturated with gasoline, and foul out. Start by draining the lower unit first. Why is there water coming through the spark plug holes?. Screw your compression gauge hose to the hole of the spark plug. Gasoline Engines and Water Intrusion. outboard in vertical (down) position in a well ventilated area. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the . September 20, 2021 at 8:44 pm. 50 horse tiller Yamaha 4 stroke went to start it up and no water coming out I think it could be the impeller. I have a 1997 30hp 2 stroke precision blend motor model ELRV. Compare and contrast different types of campers, learn about the benefits and drawbacks of pop-up truck campers, and learn whether one is right for you. So we took the spark plugs out and turned the motor over and pushed all the water out. Motor runs great, but can be a bit tough to start, even when it has been recently run. OR---the powerhead is hot, making the 'stat open. What causes water in spark plug holes 2 and 4 only?. if your up to it - carefully remove the bolts in fact spray them good with penetrating oil a day ahead - even so i snapped 4 and had to. With the lower screw in your hand, remove the gear oil pump fitting. When he pulled the plug the water came out fast because it was under pressure from the compression stroke of the piston. water seeping from spark plugs. Water Coming Out of a Spark Plug Hole; Black Specks, Crud, and Slime in the Cylinder; Idle Runs Too Slow or Rough; Holes In the Head Gasket. This is the sort of colour he means. To check for blockage, run a small, thin segment of wire up the output tube and gently wiggle it side to side to dislodge any debris. The water was coming in to your engine through the exhaust it will back . It turns over great, has spark, plenty of air, just wont start. I have figured out its just a broke gasket. Based on your description, it does not sound like you have any of the tell-tale signs of a head gasket issue. When the oil on your spark plug looks like this, and there is oil on the spark plug threads, it is not coming from the engine's inside; it is actually coming from the outside from the valve cover, filling up the wells. 1) Worn Valve Cover Gasket · 2) Old Valve Guide Seals · 3) Bad O-Rings · 4) Bad Piston · 5) Bad Piston Rings . I have a Yamaha 67D-28199-71, 4-stroke 4hp outboard engine. Spark plugs show an oily appearance with moderate carbon caked on the thread ends. If there is a Honda outboard motor dealer nearby, take the outboard motor immediately to the dealer. It filled the #4 spark plug well with water and caused a misfire. Worn-out or damaged spark plugs can be another possible reason… First, you need to check the ignition spark with a spark tester. 4hp 4 stroke Yamaha Outboard (oil coming out of spark plug hole). outboard can be flushed on the trailer or at dockside. Sounds like that spark plug is loose - needs to be finger tight and then 1/3 turn more. by yareelohim » 02 May 2013, 07:00. Engine cools down, wires come back together, engine fires. (can get one at an auto parts store) 3. Put water in water tube and it did not come out of the pilot hole, but rather the drive shaft hole. Learn the purpose of spark plugs, when to change them and how to tell when they are worn out or not working properly. Re: Water coming out of leg exhaust holes. Overall, they believe a Honda 4-stroke makes a good unit. So just showing yall what its doing. Re: 402 water coming out spark plug hole The exhaust gaskets and base gasket JB mentions total less than 10 bucks at a Merc dealer - so that and an hour of your time and you can replace them. The only clue that i saw was that when. Maybe the high pressure combined with extra heat from thermostat not opening correctly might have caused a leak on the exhaust plate apparatus if there is one. The spark plug wires run from the drivers side of the engine to the spark plug so just follow the wires to each of the spark plug locations. The bottom bolts can be hard to get at but it can be done, If this is a real old engine the bolts holding it on will have nuts on them also,spray with a good penetrating fluid and lets soak before breaking them loose. The water coming in from the exhaust cover gets compressed by your piston, which turns it to gas- this extra Oxygen in your gas/oil mix makes the explosion too hot which will melt your piston (s) crown. Would any damage be caused if I removed the thermostat and flushed. 2: Use a Compression Gauge Hose. If the output becomes blocked, it will disrupt water flow throughout the entire engine. You'll have to remove the water jacket, replace seal, and install a new impeller. You need to have a good marine mechanic take a look at that water discharge - its probably a bad head gasket. Being in the market for such a long time, they are the most reliable producers out there. Vic, I think this is aircooled, looks just like my '80 3. 402 water coming out spark plug hole. 8k Location Central, Minnesota Author Super User. About Spark Plugs Outboard 2 On Stroke Oil. Also, check your boat’s spark plug and replace it if it’s defective. Check the spark plug for damage. Hold the throttle wide open and crank the engine over several times until the pressure on the guage stops building. Hi my rav 4 with 3s-fe it has a problem of water coming out of the exhaust manifold on cylinder number 4 only what could be the problem I have just overhauled the engine. If it’s not dry, this could point to water in the fuel. Brought it up to 1500rpm for about two minutes and kept checking. Put water in pilot hole and it came out the water tube. Find out which spark plugs your car needs. If you have an electric motor, you may need another person to crank the engine over while you twist your throttle position open. Trying to start this motor after it had been sitting for several years. Remove the coil packs and spark plug wires, and sop up all the water in the spark plug hole. If tell-tale is weak, and lots of water is going out the exhaust, then you probably have a pressure valve stuck open. You may also need to re charge your battery if it dies. This small tube can easily become blocked. The beauty of tell tales, is the simple fact, most people are totally aware of that continuous stream of water exiting the side of their Out Board motor. What causes water in spark plug holes 2 and 4 only? Some people like to think that it magically appears out of thin air, Some might say that you have a leak in the Head gasket or maybe Valve. You can take help from a professional on this. DF175 No water exiting pee hole. Thanks C cell Petty Officer 1st Class Joined Apr 16, 2009 Messages 208. Enough to make a gurgling sound as it ran into the cyl when I removed the plug. But no new water impeller nor water pump was required for repair. water is getting into the engine the first thing to do is remove the spark plugs and see if any water comes out of the spark plug holes. Water Pump: long time until water comes out pee hole. Bought from local Evinrude Dealer. A telltale hole emits a small, visible stream of water after it has passed through the powerhead, to help indicate that cooling water is flowing. Between the two is space for water to go through. While used heads aren't a lot of money, its the time finding one and lost time on the water. Remove one of the spark plugs and install a compression guage in it's place. In fact, I had a 1999 Grand Marquis that had the intake manifold crack at the back where one of the heater hoses came out. water coming from spark plugs. Insert the upper screw plug, hand tighten, then tighten securely with your flathead screwdriver. Heavy rust or a white-tan accumulation on the electrode indicates water in the cylinder, resulting from a cracked cylinder or blown head gasket. Rinse the outboard motor with fresh water to remove salt water, sand, mud, etc. Water coming out of the spark plug hole?. We noticed water seeping from the spark Plug. Methylated spirits will absorb some of the fresh water that is still inside the engine. The methylated spirits will travel through the inside of the engine and come out of the spark plug holes. It originates at a small hole, just under the right . About Water Outboard Video Mercury Replacement Pump. So, if a seal starts to fail, oil can leak past these seals and into the spark plug well. I noticed an excess amount of fluid coming out of the cylinder when I cranked the engine and it appears to be gas. It has not been started for the best part of 5 years. It has been sitting all winter. Search in titles only Search in Yamaha Outboard Forum only. Remove the spark plug wires and attach them to the grounding posts. Check for water on the top of the pistons. Started the motor up on a fresh remote tank of gas noticed immediately that the motor would not run unless I had the throttle on high. With your hand, twist the throttle position wide open. Reaching the 4-Year Mark To ensure your Yamaha outboard performs its best and to extend its lifespan, preventative maintenance should always be a top priority. the temperature gage has not read overheat. About how much would it cost to have a shop replace it. In case you cannot find the spark, there are two easy ways to deal with spark plugs. I just replaced the ware pump, thermostat, spark plugs and so on. Answer (1 of 2): “What happens when water gets in spark plugs?” They get wet. Water is coming through the spark plug my 35 hp Mercury Outboard Motor for my pontoon I've changed the Gasket and still the Cylinder is getting water in it? Wiki User ∙ 2012-05-09 18:10:47. I found the best solution for using the flush port finally since my lower unit has the low water pick up the ear muffs won't work without buying the $40 attachment. In either case, make sure that the engine has been warmed up to at least 60° so that the oil will be less viscous and will drain more effectively. Check all your raw water inlet plumbing leaks and your fresh water tank leaks. Step #3: Inspect the Water Output. I don't use open throttle much and the fouling on the centre electrode starts to cause tracking and poor running. If doing so is not an option, proceed as follows: 1/7 1. BBCBoards is the leading online community for Bass Boat connections. Mine will run fine for weeks and then. There is a separate oil container on the side of the motor and I assume there is a mechanism that mixes it with the gas. The spark plug boots attempt to seal the openings. When it seems like no amount of replacement plugs can fix the issue, it might be due to a number of factors. Topic: Tip for fouled outboard pee-hole - no repair required. If it’s a Briggs, try putting oil in it first, then remove the spark plug and spray a liberal amount of WD 40 in there When the engine would seize up, all we ever had to do was put oil back in the case, spray a little WD-40 in the spark plug, and hit the blade a few times with a hammer to get it starting to turn. Yamaha Outboard Forum; If this is your first visit, Water coming out of Spark Plug 04-16-2019, 08:17 PM. A functioning spark plug should be dry and grey, if it is black the engine has too much oil whereas a white color indicates it is getting too hot. Squirt engine oil into the cylinders through the spark plug holes and crank the engine over again. 4hp 4 stroke Yamaha Outboard (oil coming out of spark plug hole) Hi All, My 4hp 4 stroke Yamaha failed me yesterday (F4AMH) when I went to try and start it the pull cord only came out a little bit. *There is not water in the oil. Yes, it still is damp, it will dry out itself given time, or else pull the spark plug boots off the plugs, shoot boots with WD40 inside, and also down into holes and over spark plugs, may take awhile to dry being they are way down in there. It should happen if in the water, or on muffs. The water leaks down into the spark plug holes. (most likely) If the motor was stored outside and tilted up and the water jacket couldn't drain, he could have a crack between the water jacket and the head. Out Board Motors, Water Pumps & Tell Tales. Shouldn't be too much of an issue. If your outboard has a vacuum port then have engine running in water and connect a vacuum gauge to it. mercury outboard thunderbolt 402, My question is It has water coming out of a small hole that was ment to be there twords the back of the engine at the top by the spark source for … read more. Hold the plug against the engine block to ground it. when everything is totally dry, put everything together and start. MODELS & YEARS COVERED: DT2 (DT-2) 1988, 1989. This manual is detailed with hundreds of photos, pictures and illustrations to help guide you through repair procedures. SUZUKI DT OUTBOARD WORKSHOP REPAIR MANUAL. When the boat is out of the water, I also monitor the water coming out of the discharge port on the drive.